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Jeri Preuter, MH, HT, NAET, CI

We have all heard how the eyes are the "windows to your soul". They are also a reflection of your physical and mental health. Clear, bright eyes represent a happy, healthy individual. Iridology is a practical science a practitioner uses to determine from the markings and signs in the iris of the eye, the condition of the various organs and tissues of the body. Acute, as well as chronic and destructive conditions of affected organs are seen as they are represented in specific corresponding areas of the iris. Drug deposits, inherit weaknesses and living habits of the patient are also evident. Tissue regeneration can be monitored through Iridology, making it a wonderful method for the therapist and patient to keep track of improvements in health through natural means. In addition this science works as a preventative tool, determining potential problems before they arise. The development of many conditions are seen long before they have manifested into disease symptoms.

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